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Welcome to Visualade.

I set up this freelance design service in September 2017 to help small businesses with their visual and branding needs. This includes everything from logo designs, signage, flyers, postcards and brochures, to digital design in the form of website artwork and e-newsletter design. My ethos is to offer a friendly and affordable design service, helping in any way I can, big or small.

Having run my own independent retail and online business on the Norfolk coast for over 5 years, I know full well how it is hard to juggle everything when time is precious and the visual side of things can often get neglected especially if you are not tech savvy or do not have the capability to do the graphic design work yourself.

Graphic design was always an exciting extension of my work as a fashion designer for 10 years and then designing and running my own retail website and independent shop.

I am passionate about quality, the importance of good branding and supporting independent brands. Through word of mouth I now work for a number of established small businesses in North Norfolk and beyond, meeting their visual needs on a freelance basis.


The services I offer include:

  • New logo & branding concept

  • Brochure/flyer design and print

  • Advert design

  • Promotional artwork for social media

  • Website concept and design 

  • Signage design 

  • Menu design

  • Any other promotional/branding material

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, I am happy to take this side of things off your hands but at the same time work closely with you to get it right for you and your business.



Kirstin Crane - Visualade Designer

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